Ontario is leading the way - the ONLY province in Canada that allows municipalities to use ranked ballots and proportional representation to elect their local councils.

123 Ontario is a group of volunteers, all across the province, committed to bringing fair and friendly elections to Ontario's City Halls. 

After a decade of work, on October 22nd 2018, London Ontario became the first city in Canada to use ranked ballots!

In addition, Both Kingston and Cambridge voted YES, in favour of ranked ballots in October 2018 referendums: 63% in Kingston, and 56% in Cambridge.  Now, BOTH cities have asked staff to move forward towards implementation.  (Kingston details - Cambridge details)

Ranked ballots make local elections more inclusive, fair and friendly. Check out #LondonLeads, YES Kingston and YES Cambridge to learn more.





There are 441 other municipalities in Ontario.

...Who will be next?





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Let's reclaim our City Halls and bring fair voting to our local elections!



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