We held our first Campus Democracy UnConference, on January 24th 2014, in Toronto.  You can read about it here!

Student elections play a major role in developing our relationship with democracy. How can we make student government in Canada more relevant, engaging and inspiring?

You’re invited to attend the first Campus Democracy unConference!

Hosted by Unlock Democracy and Hart House, the purpose of the unConference is to bring together students to discuss the purpose and place of student democracy in building a greater culture of democracy in Canada.

At an unConference, YOU get to set the agenda!  Some topics may include:

  • Alternative voting systems for campus democracy.
  • The role of student democracy in building good citizenship practices.
  • The powers and purpose of student government.
  • How do we measure democracy on campus, and compare universities to each other?

As Canadians continue to lose faith in our elected governments and voter turnout continues to decline at all levels – how can we transform student government into a role model, leading by example and providing a positive alternative to democratic decline?

Please note that this is not a discussion about specific student governments or politics at UofT, but a general discussion on measuring the place and effectiveness of student government across Canada.

Everyone is welcome!!  Free food will be served!


It's time for Canada to abandon our "First Past the Post" voting system.  These are some of the student unions who are leading by example:





University of Waterloo Federation of Students STV (proportional) Motion moved by Elizabeth McFaul and Jesse McGinnis in 2013. Adopted unanimously.
University of Toronto Graduate Students Union Ranked Ballots (majority) Adopted 2013
University of Toronto Engineering Society STV (proportional) details coming soon...
Queens Student Union Ranked Ballots (majority) details coming soon...
Wilfred Laurier Student Union (WLUSU) Ranked Ballots (majority) details coming soon...
McMaster Student Union (MSU) Ranked Ballots (majority)  details coming soon...
University of Toronto Trinity College Single-member majority + Multi-member positions  Bylaws (see section 11)

Help us add to this list!  Send information to:   thanks!!



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Here at Camosun College in Victoria BC we recently adopted ranked ballots for our voting.