London City Council is the only government in Canada that has rejected the discredited First-Past-the-Post model and adopted a fair electoral system that respects voters.

On May 1st 2017, London City Council voted in favour of using ranked ballots in the 2018 municipal election.  This decision makes London the #1 innovator and pioneer of democratic reform in Canada!  What a fantastic 150th birthday present for the country!

Ranked Ballots are a small and simple change to make local elections more fair, inclusive and friendly.  Explore our website to learn more about the benefits of ranked ballots - and myths.  London City staff have also created some fantastic resources for citizens.

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Democratic reform only happens when citizens get involved. The switch to ranked ballots in London was strongly encouraged and supported by 123Ontario, 123London, the Urban League of London and Women and Politics: 

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Get involved with 123LONDON, a local group of volunteers working towards fair and friendly elections for London City Council.

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This is really good decision taken by the London government. I have read the rules of their democracy at and I really like the way they respect the people’s opinions. Every country should adopt this culture to give respect to the people’s opinions.