Michael Chong's Reform Act. What do YOU think?

The dChongMichaelD_CPC.jpgiscussion around electoral reform in Canada takes many forms; most recently, it’s been introduced in the form of a private member’s bill from Wellington-Halton Hills MP Michael Chong.

Chong’s bill, titled The Reform Act, takes aim at what many see as too much control of party leaders over how MPs vote—and even say—as elected representatives by removing the requirement that party leaders must sign off on individual nominations in every riding, and giving power to MPs to remove the party leader via a caucus vote. As recently as the November by-election, we’ve seen how riding nominations can become controversial and divisive when party leaders handpick candidates.

With The Reform Act, Chong hopes to put some power back in to the hands of individual riding associations and MPs, with an ultimate goal of allowing elected officials the flexibility to represent their constituents, rather than simply voting along party lines.

logo.pngMany are hopeful, including the bill’s author, that these changes can reduce partisanship in the House of Commons and improve Canadians’ connections to their parliament.

The bill seems to already have widespread support among Canadians, but some MPs are more hesitant to support it. What do you think? Do you see this as a change that could improve our democracy?

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