Ranked ballots are here! (including STV!)



The province of Ontario has just released their regulations for municipal ranked ballots!  For the first time, we can see all the details of single-member Ranked Choice Voting as well as multi-member STV (Single Transferable Vote - a proportional system).

This is a huge step forward for Canada's voting reform movement.  For the first time in over half a century, legislation has been adopted that breaks the First-Past-The-Post monopoly in Canada. We are currently the only OECD country that uses FPTP exclusively, but these new regulations open the door to reform.

For those who are tired of distorted results, negative campaigns, lack of choice, strategic voting and low voter engagement, this is big news.

The only question now is: Who will lead?


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Ottawa voted for STV in 1916, but the province wouldn’t let them use it. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if they were the first to take it up?