123 Barrie! A new campaign in Ontario.

Seven months ago, Toronto City Council voted in favour of a proposal to abandon First Past the Post for local municipal elections.   This was a historic moment for our movement, and a huge step towards bringing proportional representation to Canada and our provinces.

After four failed referenda (Ontario, PEI, and two in BC), it's nice to finally see a positive campaign WIN for the movement.  So we're thrilled to announce that a sister campaign has now been launched in Barrie, Ontario called "123 Barrie"!

123barrie.jpgThe campaign's goal is to introduce ranked ballots for their local City Council elections.  If you live in the Barrie/Orillia area, you can join Fair Vote Simcoe County Chapter for their "Annual Winter Social", to learn more about the new campaign.

Ranked Ballots make local elections more fair, diverse, inclusive and friendly.  We're excited to see a new campaign get off the ground.  Good luck Barrie!!

GET INVOLVED!  You can connect with 123 Barrie through their website, newsletter, Facebook, or Twitter!

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