Better Ballots 101

Wanna learn more about voting systems?  Are you the kind of person who knows they don't like First-Past-the-Post... but doesn't really understand what the alternatives are? 


Worry no more!  On the first day of EVERY month, we offer Better Ballots 101: A one-hour beginners crash course for those who wanna learn more about Canada's lousy voting system - and how we can fix it.

You'll learn all the basics: How our current system fails us, and what the other options are - systems already being used successfully all over the world!

We'll cover:

• Plurality VS Majority VS Proportional
• Party lists
• Multi-member districts
• Mixed-Member Proportional
• Single Transferable Vote
• Common myths
+ more!


Next workshop:  Saturday May 1st. 

Pacific • 2pm Mountain • 3pm Central
    4pm Eastern • 5pm Atlantic • 5:30 NST

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