What is being banned? 

The province of Ontario currently allows ANY municipality to use ranked ballots for local elections.  Ranked ballots are a small and simple change to make local elections more fair and friendly.  Read our brand new report about London's 2018 ranked ballot election.

Four myths:

1) "Ranked ballots are expensive".  London's experience proved that ranked ballots are an affordable reform, with total costs coming to $2 per voter for the first implementation (including start-up costs) and only TEN CENTS per voter for future elections.  (See page 14 for details).

2) "Ranked ballots didn't change the outcome in London".  London's use of ranked ballots created concrete measurable benefits including more ballot choice, higher mandate, more diversity, increased civility and a measurable boost in voter confidence

3) "This ban only affects London."  Many cities across Ontario have invested time and money into ranked ballots.  Bill 218 would cancel the results of 2018 referendums in Kingston and Cambridge, would cancel planned referendums in Meaford and Barrie, and would cancel public consultations already underway in municipalities such as Burlington, Guelph and Mono.

4) "Ranked ballots are complicated".  Really, what could be more condescending than suggesting that voters don't know how to count to three?


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