Upcoming Ontario conference "Make every vote count"


For those living in Ontario, we hope you can join us in Orillia from Sept 27th to 29th for this regional conference about voting reform!

Speakers include Elizabeth May, Joyce Murray and Alexandrine Latendresse.

Registration costs: Full weekend: $375.  Friday & Saturday only: $200.  Saturday only: $100

Price includes meals and lodging.  Student discounts available.

Conference websiteAgenda •  Registration

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Sweet Sixteen: UK moves one step closer to a lower voting age


The Liberal Democrats in the UK have been advocating for a lower voting age since 2001.  Now it looks like the Labour Party will also endorse this policy, making the change much more likely to happen.

"School leavers could get increasingly political under possible plans drawn up by Labour to pledge to reduce the voting age to 16."

Check out these two articles from yesterday's Sunday Times, and Metro.

votes-at-16-logo.pngAlso, check out the Votes at 16 campaign - a national coalition to lower the voting age!

What do you think?  Should we lower the voting in Canada?  Why?  Why not?  Please share your thoughts below...







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