The good folks at FairVoting BC and The Springtide Collective have one message for First-Past-the-Post: "See you in Court!"

These two groups are planning to take our broken voting system all the way to the Supreme Court, to prove once and for all that First-Past-the-Post disenfranchises voters and distorts voter intent.

"Since the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms was established in the 1980s, the courts have been ruling in favour of fair and equal representation in Canadian and provincial elections. Now, it's time to challenge the fairness of the first-past-the-post voting system itself"  

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Unlock Democracy Canada has committed to raising $3K to help with their efforts.  Will you consider making a donation today?  Every little bit helps!!

Donations to the Charter Challenge are tax deductible!!

Thank you!!



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Tessa Alexanian
Keenan Whittaker
Elliot Halparin
Erika Wybourn
Michelle Nochomovitz
David Hulchanski
dave meslin
$1,275.00 raised
GOAL: $3,000.00

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