Horses, shuffles and a buffet • A fun look at voting systems



East coast democracy activist Mark Coffin has put together a clever series of articles explaining four different voting systems.

It's worth a read!


Part I: The Horse Race (First Pas the Post)

Part II - The Ballot Shuffle (Ranked Choice Voting)

Part III - The Buffet (Proportional Representation - List PR)

Part IV - Reimagining democracy: The best of both ballots  (Mixed Member Proportional - MMP)



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One of the oldest reform suggestions in the Westminster tradition is more frequent elections. Major Cartwright and the Chartists both called for annual elections. Both argued that the traditional means of choosing representatives to parliament was to choose one for each session at a time.
After the 1688" Glorious revolution" a triennial act was passed, to ensure that elections were held once every three years. In 1717 this was replaced by the infamous Septennial Act, and it is this law, now amended to facilitate quinquennial elections which still rules.
I am all for PR but the problem of MPs or councillors winning election for five years or so (even municipalities now have four year terms) will remain. What is necessary and would prove salutary is for elected representatives tto face voters while the memory of their enormities is fresh. Under the current system incumbency has an immense advantage and largely because the time between elections-in which we are governed by diktat- is so long.