LMV_LOGO_700.jpgCanada's "First-Past-The-Post" voting system produces  results that are heavily distorted and parliaments that simply don't reflect what Canadians actually voted for.

The best way to see this, is with LEGO.  Of course.

After each federal and provincial election, we'll show you how many seats were 'won', how many were actually earned, and how many were stolen.

Before we can convince Canadians that we need to change the current system, we need to to convince Canadians that our current system is broken. Please share this with your friends, so we can raise awareness about the democratic deficit in Canada. 

And if you think this project is helpful, please consider joining Unlock Democracy!  Together, we can transform our political culture in Canada.


Election results:




Ontario_2018_logo_.jpg   Manitoba_2016_Logo.jpg

Sask_2016_Logo.jpg   Ontario_2015_Logo_2.jpg


PEI2015_Logo_SMALL.jpg   NB2014_Logo_SMALL.jpg  









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