Welcome to the sixth installment of Lego My Vote!

Usually, we simply take photos of lego, in our homes, to illustrate the disproportionate outcomes of our elections.

But this time... we were on tv!


(Also available on Facebook.. with more than 2 million views!)

The night began with the early numbers coming from the Maritimes.  Our Atlantic provinces had somehow elected Liberal MPs to ALL their seats.  Every one.



So we looked at the proportional vote, and illustrated what the seat count SHOULD have looked like, with a proportional voting system:



Then came Ontario.  Same deal:



All across Canada, from province to province, the seat counts were a distorted reflection of what Canadians actually asked for.


Here's the final vote results, using PR:



The Greens have more seats, the NDP has more, the Tories have more and Liberals do not have a majority.  After all, most Canadians didn't vote Liberal!   So of course they shouldn't have a majority of the seats.

With a proportional system, the Liberals would have had to work collaboratively with another party, and formed a stable coalition that better reflected the views of Canadians.

Let's make this change happen.  Join us as we continue to push for reform!



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Great idea. Doesn’t Lego make everything better?