Welcome to the seventh edition of Lego my Vote!

Saskatchewan's provincial election shows us, once again, how First-Past-The-Post distorts voter intention.

Here's the breakdown of the actual votes in Saskatchewan:


The Saskatchewan Party did really well, but almost one in three voters chose the NDP and more than 15,000 voters preferred the Liberals.

In a 61-seat parliament, based on the popular vote, this is the parliament that Saskatchewan should have ended up with:


But, this is what they got, under First-Past-the-Post:






It's time for voting reform in Canada.  Only proportional representation (PR) delivers fair results that reflect our political views and our diversity.  Join Unlock Democracy and the Every Voter Counts Alliance.  Together, we can bring fair elections to Canada!

NOTE: Many countries that use PR have a minimum threshold for winning seats.  It's usually in the range of 3-5%, which means that, using the exact popular vote that each party received from voters, the Greens and PC wouldn't have won any seats.  BUT,  under a fair voting system it's likely that the raw numbers would have changed.  Without "strategic voting", the smaller parties would have each received a much higher proportion of the vote, and won even more seats than shown here.

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