Municipal democracy could use some innovation in Canada.  Local elections suffer from the lowest levels of turnout, and our elected councils are deeply unrepresentative of the diversity we see in our neighbourhoods.  Council members are disproportionately older, white and male.  And with First-Past-the-Post, thousands of Council Members across Canada are serving without a definitive mandate. It's normal for a Mayor to "win" a race in Canada, with far less than 50% of the vote.

From Victoria to Charlottetown, each municipality has their own unique needs, demographics and history. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to local democracy. That’s why our local councils need flexibility and tools to
maximize participation and diversity.

Ontario was the first Province to offer Local Choice, which led to London's historic use of ranked ballots in their 2018 election. But then Doug Ford banned ranked ballots in Ontario, even though his own party used ranked ballots to elect him as leader. So we're back to square one!  That's why we've launched our own Amazing Race, challenging our supporters across the country to organise in their own province or territory to win secure Local Choice.


Leg 1: Find allies and supporters. Start to organise.

Leg 2: Find a municipal Councillor who will put forward a motion, asking for Local Choice.

Leg 3: Win the vote at Council.

Leg 4: Build support from other municipal councils.

Leg 5: Secure provincial legislation

Leg 6: Ensure that the legislation is adopted!


Currently in 1st Place: BC!

British Columbia is on Leg 4, after Local Councillor Christine Boyle successfully moved an amendment.

Currently in 2nd Place: Ontario!

Ontario had previously completed all six legs, and but was forced to detour back to Leg 5.  In addition, Ontario is currently stuck under a two-year Yield card. While the current Ontario government does not support local choice, all three opposition parties have publicly endorsed our campaign.


Currently in 3rd Place: Newfoundland & Labrador!



We're tracking which provincial parties in Canada have endorsed our call for local choice:







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