Canadians should be discussing proportional representation: Marc Mayrand, Head of Elections Canada

marc-mayrand-220.jpgAccording to the CBC, Canada's Chief Electoral Officer is encouraging a national discussion about possible voting reforms including proportional representation and a lower voting age.

On PR:

"We've seen turnout decline. We've seen political strategies targeting certain groups of voters. And maybe if they had to reach out to all voters equally, that may change the nature of campaign"

"One of the problems we have is that there are so many variance on proportional representation, that's it's very difficult to establish consensus around it. But again, that's a matter that Canadians should be discussing"

On a lower voting age:

"The argument would be that young people at 16 are mature enough and they're still at home, so they're easier to reach, and probably easier to engage in the democratic process"

Read the full article here.

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