The Province wants to hear from YOU.  This is a great chance to give your feedback about municipal voting reform in Ontario!

They've created a few fantastic webpages.  The main page about ranked ballots explains the entire process including all of the benefits of ranked choice voting.  Their examples page shows how ranked ballot elections work, in both single-winner elections and multi-member districts.  The page about counting votes goes into details about how votes are transferred, both from the bottom (as candidates are eliminated) and also from the top (as surplus votes are transferred, in multi-member districts).  Lastly, they have a Frequently Asked Questions page, all about Ranked Ballots!

Please check out all their materials and then submit your feedback at the bottom of this page!

Submission Deadline is: July 27, 2015.



Ranked Ballot Examples:


Single Winner Elections




Multi-Member Districts


See the full-size images and more, on the Province's Example's page.



Ranked Ballot Counting:


Single-Winner Elections:




Multi-Member Districts:





 See the full-size images and more, on the Province's Counting page.





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