The 15th edition of Lego My Vote!



Yesterday in Ontario, the majority of voters chose change.  Only 41% supported the incumbent Conservative government.  But First-Past-the-Post doesn't really care about what voters think, how they feel, or how they vote!

The result was a landslide majority, for the Conservatives.

We usually use Lego to illustrate election distortions, but since it's National Donut Day today we decided to try something new!

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But the real depressing aspect of Ontario's election, was how many people didn't bother to show up at all!  With only 43% participating, this was the lowest turnout in the history of Ontario:


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This is what First-Past-the-Post gives us.  Polarized legislatures, 'safe seats', lack of real choice and fake majorities.  And that all adds up to one thing: Disengagement.

Are you ready to re-imagine our democracy?  Join us.




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