We’ve all watched live coverage of election night.  Talking heads, predictions, vote results and speeches.  And we’ve all felt frustrated watching the seat counts come in, knowing that they do not reflect what Canadians actually asked for.

In the last election, the Conservative Party won a majority of the seats, even though most voters chose other parties.

Canadians need an alternative election broadcast that shines light on our electoral deficit in a professional, fun and informative manner.

Imagine PRTV, a web-based live newcast offering comparative analysis, intelligent interviews, celebrity cameos and education about voting alternatives.

Our plan is to rent a professional studio, recruit experienced broadcasters and use high-tech touchscreen riding maps. Leading up to the election, we’ll create short ‘teaser’ ads, to build buzz and excitement about the broadcast.  

This is a chance to get people talking and get them informed. 

We always wait until after the election to talk about the unfair results.  In 2015, let’s do it live.

Please consider making a donation today, to help bring PRTV to millions of Canadians!


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