Over the next eight months, Canada is hosting four historic referendums.  Each one could trigger a new wave of electoral reform across the Country:

British Columbia


This is the third attempt to secure a proportional voting system in BC.   In 2004, a randomly selected "citizens' assembly" recommended a proportional voting system called "Single Transferable Vote" that uses a ranked ballot in multi-member districts.  One year later, 58% of voted YES in a referendum - but the government rejected the results because they had set the threshold for victory at 60%. Another referendum took place in 2009, which also failed.  Now, almost ten years later, a third referendum will offer BC residents three types of proportional representation!  The referendum will be held with mail-in ballots, beginning on October 22.  If you live in BC, please consider joining the VotePR campaign! They need volunteers and donations. And if you don't live in BC, please share this information with any friends or family who do live there!

Kingston, Ontario


On October 22, voters will be asked to vote YES or NO in favour of using ranked ballots instead of First-Past-the-Post for all future municipal elections. The YES campaign has secured endorsements from across the political spectrum and is hosting a free concert featuring Sarah Harmer on October 2nd.  2018 marks the first time that Ontario cities are allowed to consider ranked ballots. The symbolism of ditching first-past-the-post in Kingston, Canada's first capital, is powerful. Please help spread the word! 

Cambridge, Ontario


Here too, voters will be asked to support ranked ballots on October 22.  If you know anyone who lives in, or near, Cambridge, please let them know about the YES campaign! Ranked ballots are a small and simple change that make elections more fair and friendly by eliminating vote-splitting and strategic voting, as well as encouraging civil campaigns.  Out of 444 municipalities in Ontario, only TWO are holding referendums in 2018.  It's crucial that we win both campaigns.

Prince Edward Island


Similar to BC, this is also the third referendum for the province!  A 2005 referendum on Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) failed, but in a 2016 vote island residents reversed their position and voted in favour of MMP. Again, similar to BC, the vote in favour of change was rejected by the government.  Now a third referendum is being held, on the same day as their next provincial election (predicted to take place next spring).  Sadly, the PEI Coalition for Proportional Representation has disbanded, due to restrictive rules created by the provincial government.  Stay tuned for information about how to get involved and make donations to the YES campaign...


All these campaigns costs money, for printing, lawn signs, buttons, stickers, t-shirts and social media boosts. Every donation makes a real difference!  If you live in BC, you can make a donation to the VotePR campaign and if you live in Ontario please consider making a donation to the YesKingston or YesCambridge campaigns.  Thank you!


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