UPDATE: Pushing the Liberals towards PR

Four weeks ago, I wrote a post about members of the Liberal party who are trying to push the party towards a policy position that favours proportional representation - or at least opens the door to PR.

It looks like their efforts have paid off!  The Liberal Caucus has approved a motion to be sent to the upcoming Montreal policy convention, with the following wording:

"AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT immediately after the next election, the Liberal Party of Canada institute an all-Party process, involving expert assistance and citizen participation, to report to Parliament within 12 months with analysis and recommendations for an electoral system including, without limitation, a preferential ballot and/or a form of proportional representation, to represent all Canadians more fairly and to allow Parliament to serve Canada better."

Of course, this is just the first hurdle.  The next step is to WIN the vote at the convention!

Here's how you can help:

"The Liberal Party Caucus has approved the resolution - Bolstering Canada's Democracy - to go a vote at the Montreal convention. Please go to our website  for the resolution itself. (Read to the end for the commitment on voting system reform). Help us build support for this resolution so it passes the final hurdle in Montreal with a strong majority!

Help us build support for this resolution so it passes the final hurdle in Montreal with a strong majority!

If you are a Liberal, please give serious consideration to attending the convention as a delegate. But hurry, you must submit your intent to stand by Wednesday, December 18! You may do so here

If you are not a Liberal, please send a link to our website to any Liberals you know, asking them to support this resolution.

Thank you again for your support and assistance. If you would like to contact us, please send your email to [email protected]"

We at Unlock Democracy want to offer our thanks and congratulations to everyone working on this effort!  And we encourage all Liberals get involved with this campaign. 

Stay tuned for more updates....




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