Do you want a political culture which is more representative and democratic?

Imagine politics in Canada looking and feeling entirely different.

It’s time to Unlock Democracy



We envision a representative democracy that meets the needs of 21st century Canada.


Unlock Democracy focuses on democratic reform and proportional government, as well as other initiatives to strengthen democracy across Canada.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Showing how First Past the Post is contributing to our broken politics, and its negative link to the issues Canadians feel most passionately about.
  2. Inspiring and engaging Canadians to work for democratic reform in their communities. (municipally, on university campuses, in co-ops and professional associations etc.)


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The politics palys a vital role in every country. I have read an articles at to know the changes in politics. There are lot of changes are happening in current politics.
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Imagine politics in “Canadana” looking and feeling entirely different., Just thought i would point out this mistake